Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui

Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui

“Miracles are fantastic events which utilize hidden laws of nature that most people are not aware of. Miracles do not break the laws of nature, they are actually based on them!” ~Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui

Miracles happen here!

—with MCKS Pranic Healing, the healing power of horses and nature, no-nonsense Spirituality and great people… healing the world, one person at a time. 

A beautiful, meaningful sanctuary to relax, unplug, be in nature and be wowed by the stars at night!

A beautiful, meaningful sanctuary to relax, unplug, be in nature and be wowed by the stars at night!


In what condition is your body, mind and Spirit? Are you happy, full of energy and in an optimal state physically, emotionally and mentally? How long have you been suffering from: physical pain, dis-ease, stress, depression, fear, addiction, anxiety or past traumas?

When people come here, miracles happen every single day with our team of Pranic Healers and the Magic of our Horses intertwined with the powerful forces of nature in Sedona.

 Return to that fulfilled place of inner peace, growth, love, joy and be among the many who are astounded by the results!     

Your hostess, Meaghan, dreamed Sedona Sacred Rocks into reality to help you find deep inner healing through:

~ Horse Medicine and Horse Wisdom~

~ MCKS Pranic Healing ~

~ Daily Meditation~ 

~Coming soon! Horse Divination Workshops and Online Mastermind Courses!~

     Formerly a Buddhist Retreat Center, Sedona Sacred Rocks rests on two secluded Red Rock acres adjoining two thousand acres of the Coconino National forest!

We are a simplified version of a Bed-n-Breakfast and conveniently located only 7 minutes from downtown West Sedona.  Our relaxed accommodations meet the needs of many of today's travelers, yet has an underlying essence of the mystical. For the last 5 years running, we have been Sedona's most frequented Airbnb with the most stellar reviews. Just read some of the testimonials and your interest will be piqued! We hope you join us and allow us to share our version of the Magical energies and gorgeous beauty of Sedona. 

Meaghan recognized that the horses in her life were healing her throughout life stages, so she created her own unique system blending their magic and healing Spirit with a Higher Soul connection to heal trauma, family systemic patterns, Spiritual challenges, even physical ailments.

She also discovered Master Choa Kok Sui's Pranic Healing in 2006 and experienced healing on such a profound level that it completely changed her life and she now is devoted to sharing this advanced energy healing technique with the world. 

  She does travel quite a bit to see her family and share Pranic Healing with the world so catching her while she is at home is a treat! Be sure to make your appointments ahead of time.  

Daily Meditations in the Temple Room, Tipi and on our beautiful property:

(Please RSVP…most are by love donation, $10-$20 per person)

Mondays: 6pm Fire Purification Ceremony/ Shamanic Journey by the fire in the Tipi

Tuesdays: 6pm Meditation with the Horses ($40/person) (Spring and Summer only)

Wednesdays: 7pm Crystal Chakra Bowl Sound Healing with Meaghan ($40/person)

Thursdays: 6pm Medicine Wheel Ceremony~Bless all 7 Directions or Higher Soul Meditation (Spring and Summer only)

Fridays: 6pm Meditation on Twin Hearts

Saturdays: 11am Introduction to Pranic Healing

Sundays: 6pm Healing Clinic: Mini-Pranic Healing sessions.

By Request: New and Full Moon Ceremonies

Recent Testimonials:

"Our stay at Meaghan’s was wonderful. We went horseback riding and the experience was magical ! I have never seen such beautiful trails before. Meaghan and Anita were very kind and the place was great. I strongly recommend this unique stay !”

~Carina L., Montreal, CA

“The property is truly sacred and beautiful: the water feature, stupa, medicine wheel, tipi, horse enclosure, accommodations, the trails leading out into the wild wild west... Meaghan (pronounced Meeghan) is very talented, knowledgeable and intuitive. If you have the opportunity, plan to do a Horse Divination and Pranic Healing with her! Be open and miracles will happen! The horses are very well cared for and the happiest, most gentle and responsive I’ve ever met. If you love horses, you will love this place. The other four leggeds are very sweet too (the dogs). I got car rides to the property and back (uber and friends) as I didn’t rent a car. I had no issues at all but the grounds can feel pretty remote if you don’t have a car - but also ideally peaceful! …. you’re only a few minutes from everything you need (restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, shops...). Plan ahead so you can take your time and enjoy the stunning skies and scenery. Meaghan, I had a blast riding the wild west trails with you! Thank you for trusting me with your beautiful horses!”

~Genevieve M., Toronto, CA

"I stayed at Sedona Sacred Rocks in February for a week long spiritual retreat that Meaghan hosted. It was my second time staying there and the reason I went back is because I wanted once again to experience the love and spirituality that was so obvious during my first visit. The retreat was every thing that I had expected and more. I came away a changed person and it was the most profound experience of my life. For a week I was surrounded with unconditional love and healing. The work with the horses was mystical, the hikes got me in touch with the power of our ancestors which is so obviously there if one chooses to listen, the ceremonies, the crystal chakra was amazing. And as a delightful plus, I made life long friendships with people that started out as strangers. Meaghan and her assistants walk their talk. If you have the opportunity, do yourself a favor and partake of the magic they offer. I myself will now be a regular visitor."

-Luth H., Astoria, OR

“Meaghan’s place is beautiful and peaceful. She is truly a great host as so quick to respond. The Roost was so big and had everything you would need. It was very clean, too. We were able to take a horseback ride which was amazing. We also tried out the Pranic healing and both of us were pleasantly surprised. If you are on the fence about trying it keep an open mind and you to will be pleasantly surprised. There is something VERY special there.”

-Ty M., Pittsburg, PA

So much Love and Gratitude to all of our guests,

Meaghan and her horses

“My clients, through these horses, Pranic Healing and the energies of Sedona, are experiencing healing in a very meaningful, deep, yet unique way. At times there are tears, sometimes major aha moments and sometimes it’s actually fun as you see an aspect of yourself or family through the horse guided by your Higher Soul. It’s like an active meditation, a dose of horse wisdom and the forces of nature all blended into one.”










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